Tattoo aftercare

A tattoo is a wound on the skin and it needs to be protected from bacterial infections during the healing process. If there are areas fully saturated with pigment then it needs even extra care.
The aftercare can be resumed in the following steps:

  • 1. Just after the tattoo is made, the tattooed area is covered with plastic film.
  • 2. After 2/3 hours it is necessary to remove the film and wash the tattoo with warm water and neutral Ph soap.
  • 3. Dry it with a clean paper towel , let the skin breath for a about 20/30 minutes and wrap it again in a new plastic film until the morning after.
  • 4. Repeat the same cleaning process, let the skin breath for 20/30 mins and reapply film, repeat again in the evening.
  • 5. Apply a very small amount of cream and massage it with the fingers until completely absorbed (too much cream won’t allow the skin to heal and it will expose the skin to a higher risk of infections).
  • 6. Repeat the same process every day for about 10 days. During the whole healing process it’s forbidden to: swim, do sport, go into sauna and expose the tattoo to the sunlight.